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Our Core Values


We strive to offer the best quality in our products & services.It is our constant efforts to evaluate & improve on quality in all our operations.

Honesty & Transperancy

We are committed to the highest ethical standards of business practices.We believe in protecting interest of our clients,employees & environment.


We are committed to offer products & services competitively & adhere to the best business practices towards our customers, employees & environment.

About us

Pushpanjali Trades, was incorporated in 2015 by an experienced professional, backed with long 32 years of experience in Speciality & Commodity Chemicals & International markets in a short span of three years. Pushpanjali Trades have established sales of many products & diversified business into contract manufacturing activities.

Today, Pushpanjali Trades is involved in Imports of Chemicals from countries like Japan, Korea, China, Europe, etc. We are also exporting speciality products to Far East countries. With our reliable & transparent services, we are proud to mention that some of our overseas clients have entrusted us for sourcing of products from Indian suppliers.

Extensive experience of our promoter in Chemicals spanning more than three decades has given us insights into several diversified industries making us most adoptive to the ever changing technology & the corresponding changes required by our customers. It has always been our endeavour to delight the customers in terms of quality & service.

Our Products

Benzoic acid, technical grade
Phenoxy ethanol
Fumeric acid
Malic acid
Cycloaliphatic Epoxy resins & diluents
Phthalic Anhydride
Adipic acid
Tertiary butanol (TBA)
Trimethylol propane (TMP)
Bisphenol A
Food & Feed additives
Cosmetic preservatives
Polyamine mixture

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We also buy surplus inventories & off-spec chemicals as well as monomers

Aniline,THF,Glycols,Ethers,DMF,Ethylene diamines,Polyamines,Acrylic acid,Butyl acrylates, MMA, MAA,Residues,etc.

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